Holiday Gifting Tips: Buying For the Guys


Finding the Perfect Guy Gift:

Every year I run into the same question as the holidays role around… what should I buy my guy for the perfect present?  Most of the time I like to make it something that is going to stand out.  Something that he may have wanted or needed, but with a twist.  Something that isn’t going to be the run of the mill off the shelf deal of the day.

That’s where a Jord Wooden Timepiece comes in.  You may recall my recap of the fabulous hand-crafted gold and maple Sydney that I sported on my trip to Barnsley Resort, but now I’ve got the perfect gift for a guy.





The Fieldcrest Dark Sandalwood watch is such a classic look.  Oh did I mention the flawless product packaging it comes in?  Plus the black face complements against the rich dark sandalwood.  So much so…. I might actually need to borrow it 😉

Haha… well, If you’re looking for a great guys gift (or one for a trendy gal), I would suggest popping over and checking out a Jord’s wooden timepiece.


Womens Wooden Watches

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