I know it’s a little late into the year to recap New Years Eve, but I just had such a great time during our quick weekend getaway to the Windy City that I had to share a little highlight reel from our NYE excursion including Eataly and The Vig, two places I recommend exploring any time of the year.  My brother-in-law currently lives in Chi-Town, so we decided this was the year to make it a Chicago NYE kind of celebration!

I also wanted to share that one of my goals for 2017 is to start traveling more and bringing you along for the ride, so expect a full recap of my week in Virgin Islands and weekend in New York City coming soon too.  I figured that if I’m verbalizing my travel goals to you now, then I’m one step closer to making those come to fruition!  In the meantime, it’s never too late to reminisce on fun memories with family & friends.

So join the fun and cheers to a great year ahead of us! 



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