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Hello!!  Peachfully Chic is a lifestyle and travel blog I created to share all of the fun tips and tricks that I’ve discovered help me to build a more positive lifestyle.  Beyond my brief intro under “About”, I wanted to start off by introducing myself a little more and giving you some background on how this site got started.

As a southern gal born and bred in the Augusta, Georgia area, I’ve always appreciated the feeling of hospitality and warmth that comes from living in the south.  But beyond a strong southern upbringing, I’ve had a wide variety of cultural experiences that have broadened my views on the world and tweaked those rosy colored sunglasses that I grew up with.  I want to introduce you to some of the many things that have helped shape my  life.

I knew growing up in a small town on the outskirts of Augusta provided a slower pace of life that truly allowed me to enjoy my childhood and take in all that my family and community had to offer a kid… even if it did seem super busy at the time as I rushed from school to gymnastics to softball and so on.  Weekend gymnastics meets frequently took my mom and me on road trips to Atlanta.  I absolutely loved the city and I knew that I just had to live in Atlanta after high school.  I decided to forgo my interest of a degree in historical architecture and design, and instead, seek out an engineering degree.  It just so happened that was able to attend the best in-state school that allowed me to do so, The Georgia Institute of Technology.  I say “in-state” because I was awarded the Hope Scholarship, and my family didn’t have the savings to send me to college nor did I want to end up with $100K in student loans by the end of graduation!  I started undergrad as a computer engineer but realized that management, specifically marketing and international business, ended up being my passion.

Georgia Tech was not just a place for me to spread my wings of freedom, and attain a fantastic education in the classroom, but it also afforded me a crash course in making friends from all over the world and the intangible education on becoming an adult.  We all struggled together to study for classes, joined organizations, and hung out in social outings which meant we all bonded quickly.  I was exposed to some wonderful people that shared their different cultures with me, and again, I loved it.   Since I didn’t have the opportunity to travel abroad while in school, I took a position as an Au Pair after college.  ended up I moving to Istanbul, Turkey to work for a Turkish family (that’s a mouthful!).  It’s in Turkey that I realized that it’s not just the south that has a reputation for being hospitable.

After nine months in Turkey and a few weeks visiting Europe, I was ready to return to the states and build my professional career.

Come on…

I loved the family very much, but I wasn’t exactly utilizing my Bachelors of Science in Management degree by working as an Au Pair.  I needed a more professional challenge.

I returned to the states and spent some time visiting a friend’s family in Bogota, Colombia and then moved to New York City.  I worked in Advertising at Vanity Fair Magazine and Hearst Men’s Group (Esquire/Popular Mechanics/Car&Driver/Road&Track), and yes… it was just as cool as it sounds!  I even played in the Advertising Softball League in Central Park – here’s proof!

It’s in NYC that I met my husband, Kevin, and after two and a half years up north, I welcomed Kevin’s job offer to work at the corporate offices of The Home Depot in Atlanta.  I landed a digital sales position at the ABC Atlanta affiliate, WSB-TV.

That’s when I’ve decided to do a little something more for me beyond a successful start to my professional career in advertising.  Hence, Peachfully Chic was established.  I want to bring you a twist on the typical southern girl’s blog, by mixing in the eye-opening experiences that I’ve had so far.  As I said before, this is something fun for me to meet new people and share cool experiences.  I hope it will be fun for you too.   I welcome your feedback and your own tips & tricks to curating a beautiful life.

As I explore new things, you’ll be the first to know.  So thanks for stopping by and making it through my first post, and please come back soon!








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