Visiting My Hometown of Augusta (Video)

When someone mentions Augusta, Georgia, the first thing that most people think of is The Masters Golf Tournament.  It’s a great place to be raised and holds a special place in my heart as my hometown.  It’s incredible to see how much Augusta has grown and continues to grow over the years.  I visited my hometown last fall and spent a weekend exploring things to do in the Southern Garden City.  Beyond golf in Augusta, I highlighted some delicious restaurants and shopping, a trip to the annual Arts in the Heart festival in downtown, a bit of fun across the Savannah River in Hammond’s Ferry, and other delightful times. 

I hope you enjoy this peek into my weekend in Augusta along with behind the scenes of my stay at the historic Partridge Inn Hotel.  There’s more to Augusta than golf but that doesn’t mean it’s not the hallmark of the city, just remember to explore all this special city has to offer.






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