5 Bedroom Essentials for Tranquil Rest


There are loads of studies out there that tell us why it’s so important that our bodies have an appropriate amount of time to rest.  Unfortunately, with so much going on in the world and how much we end up having on our plates to take care of, it’s tough to make sure we allocate the right time for rest.

I find so often that I become a night owl and really don’t start cranking out work and focusing on a to-do list until the sun goes down.  But then it’s tough for me to wake up in the morning.  So I wanted to share a few tips with 5 bedroom essentials for tranquil rest that help me get the most out of sleeping at night.

You can actually find out what type of sleeper you are, how much sleep you need based on your age, and more information on sleep through checking out the National Sleep Foundation by clicking here.

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5 Bedroom Essentials for Restful Relaxation:

1. Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

Set up a specific scent in the room with an aromatherapy essential oil diffuser and utilize a calming essential oil like lavender. Start signaling your senses with a great option for you to tell your nose that it is time for bed.


2. Sleep Mask

It might not be your decor style to go with black out curtains, but having a dark place to rest is so great for you… so utilizing a sleep mask and possibly even some ear plugs will ensure you have the same sleep experience wherever you decide to doze off.


3. Great Mattress

With so many mattresses available to fit your specific needs, there’s definitely an option for you based on how your body responds to the firmness or softness of mattresses.  Make sure you invest and find one that fits you.



4. Vitafusion Beauty Sleep Gummies

I absolutely love the Vitafusion Beauty Sleep Gummies as a sleep aid just before I go to sleep.  They work great! My only trick though is to make sure I actually do go to bed after taking them and don’t stay up working any later… then it adversely affects my sleep because I’m staying up while my body really wants to rest!


5. Perfect Pillows

For me personally, the perfect pillow is almost more important than the mattress I sleep on. And just like mattresses, there are tons of options for pillows these days but this is one thing I splurge on.  My favorite is the Helena Latex Pillow from Brentwood Home followed by a close second with the Carmel Latex Pillow. I’ve been using these for over a month now and I’m smitten.

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What are your bedroom essentials for a restful relaxation?  

Do you have any must-try products for better sleep? 

Share in comments below!


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  1. I have had latex pillows since I was a young girl and have always loved them! They provide the perfect support. The Sleepy Gummies are great too! A little Lavender oil in the diffuser will create the perfect sleeping experience……

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