How To Add Social Media Tabs To Facebook Pages

How-To-Create-Twitter-Feed-Tabs-on Facebook-Peachfully-Chic-DIY-Digital-mainSocial Media Crossing:  Facebook Tabs

I thought it might be helpful to share one of the easy ways you can add an extra layer of connection between your social media platforms.  In less than 2 minutes, you can have a permanant Instagram and Twitter Tabs added to your facebook page. By adding social media tabs to your Facebook page, your FB fans will easily access your other social media accounts and get connected with your brand all around!

How-To-Create-Instagram-Feed-Tabs-on Facebook-Peachfully-Chic-DIY-Digital-3

 [line] Add Instagram Tab [line]

Search for “Instagram Feed Tab for Pages” in the top search bar of Facebook.  Select the page you want to add the Instagram Tab onto and then click “Add Instagram Feed Tab”. Login to your Instagram account in the following pop-up and grant permission approval.

How-To-Create-Instagram-Feed-Tabs-on Facebook-Peachfully-Chic-DIY-Digital-1How-To-Create-Instagram-Feed-Tabs-on Facebook-Peachfully-Chic-DIY-Digital-2


 [line] Add Twitter Tab [line]

Search for “Twitter Tab” in the top search bar of Facebook.  Click “Install Application”  Select the page you want to add the Twitter Tab onto and then click “Add Page Tab”. Type in your twitter handle under “Twitter Account Name” then “Save Settings”.

How-To-Create-Twitter-Feed-Tabs-on Facebook-Peachfully-Chic-DIY-Digital-1.How-To-Create-Twitter-Feed-Tabs-on Facebook-Peachfully-Chic-DIY-Digital-2How-To-Create-Twitter-Feed-Tabs-on Facebook-Peachfully-Chic-DIY-Digital-4

How-To-Create-Twitter-Feed-Tabs-on Facebook-Peachfully-Chic-DIY-Digital-5


 [line] Organize Tab Menu [line]

Click “More” on the top menu, then click “Manage Tabs”.  Drag and drop the tabs you want to see in the first three of the menu then click “Save” and you are all set!

How-To-Create-Twitter-Feed-Tabs-on Facebook-Peachfully-Chic-DIY-Digital-6

How-To-Create-Twitter-Feed-Tabs-on Facebook-Peachfully-Chic-DIY-Digital-7



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