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Taking Care of the Fur-Baby:

One of the best things to have when you come home from a rough day is the always happy, tail wagging enthusiasm that your dog greets you with as you enter the front door.  And since I adopted my peek-a-poo puppy, Berkeley, from my sister about 8 years ago, he’s done nothing but bring joy and companionship to my life over the years.   In fact, I told my family that I might not have returned from living abroad if I had this little guy with me in Europe!

But of course I returned and he’s been on so many other travels with me, he’s definitely my fur-baby.  Remember that time we went to St. Augustine? Or how he loves to hang when I’m trying to sew? Between moving to NYC and back to Atlanta, and all our travels in between…. It’s no surprise that he gets dirty.  And since he means so much to me, I definitely want to take care of him and his soft black curls.  But being a peek-a-poo, Berkeley doesn’t shed.  I absolutely LOVE that he’s a dog that doesn’t shed.  In fact, I don’t think I’ll ever want to have a dog that sheds after seeing how great it is to not have to vacuum all the time or find random dog hair everywhere.  My brother has a beautiful husky and some of my friends have other great dogs that shed a ton; however, I prefer not to use 15+ minutes of each day going over my clothes, couch or home with a lint roller 😉

With Berk’s thick coat of black curly hair, he needs regular trimming and washing to stay clean.  The only problem with that is that his skin dries out a lot.  And then he gets itchy.  Then he scratches it a lot. And that can turn into hot spots.


So that’s where Pet Caress comes in.  It’s soothing and therapeutic which instantly gives Berkeley relief from his itching and dry skin.  Pet Caress has a few different therapeutic options for dogs beyond just itching and hot spots, like odor control, shed control and sun protection.  You can shop online to pick up some to suit the needs of your own dog.


And besides the fact that Pet Caress gives Berkeley a better quality of life where he’s not constantly scratching his dry skin, but they also give back to the Humanimal™ advocacy program which supports the humane treatment of animals with a percentage of all profits.

I love that it’s pure and natural with the best human quality ingredients because I definitely want to keep him looking just as cute and cuddly as the day I brought him home!  


So while I’m pretty sure Berkeley’s always going to hate anything having to do with getting wet, atleast he’ll have a mini therapeutic session that will help his dry skin in the future…. So instead of scratching himself all the time, he can worry about more important things like chasing squirrels!




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