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What’s the first thing you need when you decide to go for an intense workout or a long run?  Yes, ok a great pair of kicks is right.  But what’s the very next thing on the checklist?  M-U-S-I-C that gets you pumped!  So while most of the time I’m working out at Blueprint Fitness doing B-Fit or Kickboxing, there are occasions when I need a great pair of ear buds that stick with me throughout an intense workout on my own.  And that’s when my Focus for Women Sport Earphones from Yurbuds rock.  I’ve used the typical Apple ear buds, but those seem to always need adjusting to stay in the second I start an intense cardio exercise.  And I’ve tried a few other brands as well, but the Yurbuds do the trick.  Not only do they deliver quality sound whenever I’m jogging through Piedmont Park with the sound of cars rushing by, but they’re actually pretty comfortable since they’re ergonomically designed.  The Focus for Women Yurbuds’ flexsoft material gives a great grip around the ear so they don’t fall out, but the keyword “soft” means they don’t hurt your ears like some of those other loop around styles.  The coolest feature I’d have to say though is that while they are sweat and water resistant, they also come with detachable covers that you can wash… just in case you start “glistening” a little too much 😉


These Focus for Women Yurbuds were only $29.99, and I think that’s a pretty good deal considering I’ve spent more in the past on lesser quality buds that stop working the second I try to use them after a dip in the pool!  The only drawback to the pair I have is that they don’t have the mic feature and adjustable volume control, but that’s because those were the ones I could pick up from Target with a gift card I had back in the day.  Yurbuds make about 21 other styles, and while I’m using one of the lower end lines, they still work great.  I can’t imagine how awesome the other lines could be!

What are your thoughts?  Do you have a set of ear buds you think are better?  I’m always interested in cool workout gear… please share your finds with me!


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