Peaches & Pits: February 2015

peachfully-chic-peaches-and-pits-february-2015Recapping the Highs & Lows This Month:

I’ve been doing a ton of planning for 2015, and I’ve decided it might be fun to recap some of the highs and lows (aka the “Peaches & Pits”) each month to keep things in perspective and reflect on how the year is progressing.

Although I missed January, I thought I would start now as we bring February to a close, and recap the last two months:

Peaches (aka The Highs):

  • Heading to the Chapel…  Kevin’s Dad and his girlfriend, Lisa, became engaged over the holidays!  Now technically this doesn’t officially fall under the January or February Peaches & Pits bucket, but I just had to give it some love since we are all so excited for them!
    Kevin’s Dad, Jim, with Lisa, me and Kevin at our Rehearsal Dinner last August
  • Featured on Becoming Adorrable!  I’m so excited that Peachfully Chic was highlighted as one of “4 Atlanta Blogs You’ll Love” over on Becoming Adorrable.  Go check out Becca’s blog if you haven’t had a chance yet
  • Our New Furniture Arrived  –  New couch, check.  New dining chairs, check.  New fireplace, check.  New end tables, check.  New half bath, check.  New rugs for living room, bedroom, and dining room, check.  We’ve still got a ways to go until our new house is 100% in order, but it’s such a thrill to see it coming together and I can’t wait to share more before and after photos as we keep chugging along!
  • Kevin’s Birthday Celebrations / Whiskey Tasting – In case you missed it, I threw a surprise Whiskey Tasting for Kevin’s birthday when his dad was visiting last month. Everyone seemed to have a blast, and I can’t even tell you how much fun it was 😉guys-birthday-party-manly-whiskey-tasting-16

Pits (aka The Lows):

  • I got a ticket.  Remember when I gave the recap of my sister’s Nautical Baby Shower and shared the details on Anthropologie’s outlet store in Augusta, Final Cut?  Well, my mom and I were pulled over by the fuzz on our way to Final Cut and issued a ticket.  Yes… I was driving.  No… I wasn’t speeding.  In fact, I wasn’t even sure it was me who was being pulled over!  We were talking and stuck in traffic, so I wasn’t driving crazy or anything (this time).  It turns out I didn’t update my registration last May when my birthday rolled around.  The cop told us he normally gives a little leeway for late registration, but 8 months late was pushing it.  Oops!
  • Scratched My Tailgate. While I love having a garage – especially when I’m off to work on these freezing mornings lately – I accidentally left my tailgate open one night as I was unloading the back.  I started to close the garage door before realizing it was actually scraping the tailgate… ugggghhhh.  It wasn’t major, but let’s just say it wasn’t my finest moment. 🙁
  • Send-off Dinner – We sent one of my bridesmaids, Jess, off to her new job in Pittsburgh. Sad to see her go, but her send-off dinner at Takorea was delish.  Now I’m ready for her visit in a couple weekends!  It’s only been a few weeks but I already miss her!
    That’s Jess in the middle next to me!

What have been your Peaches and Pits of the month?  

Feel free to vent or share your blessings below!  

‘Til next time….



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