Peaches & Pits: March 2015


Recapping the Highs & Lows This Month:

Last month, I decided to start a monthly series called Peaches & Pits that highlighted the ups and downs of each month throughout the year.  I thought this would be a fun way to reflect on life and give thanks for the positives to keep things in perspective.  So without further ado….

Peaches (aka The Highs):

  • I’m an Aunt…. again!  My sister gave birth to my new little nephew, Jaxson, at the beginning of March.  I seriously thought that he would arrive on his due date of 2/28 just in time for last month’s Peaches & Pits… but he was late and arrived on March 4th!  He’s my 4th nephew… no nieces. I’m not going to lie… I’m ready for someone to have a girl in this family!!!



  • Cyc Fitness “Spring Into Change” 10-Week Challenge: I was invited to participate in the new Cyc Fitness challenge this spring and I was thrilled to join up!  I’ll be posting a full recap on the blog soon to share all the details with you! Let’s just say it’s definitely been a challenge thus far.  I’m a week into the challenge today and 4 classes deep… my legs, butt, abs, arms, etc…. basically my whole body feels it!



  • South Harmony Blogger Event…  I was invited to a very fun little get together at South Harmony in Alpharetta last week by the lovely Luisa from Peaches to Pearls and Cynthia from Sensibly Sharp.  It was in celebration of South Harmony’s first year in business and it was so much fun to get to mingle with other bloggers.  I’ll share a full recap later in the week as well!


Pits (aka The Lows):

  • I got a ticket.   If you recall reading the Pits from last week… this is not an accident (although I wish it were!), but yes, I got ANOTHER ticket – this time I was in Atlanta.  But for the same reason, I didn’t have an updated registration tag on my license plate.


Bonus points… that I was on my way to a morning meeting for work.  I started bawling my eyes out (unintentional… yet it didn’t help get me any sympathy from the officer), and while my makeup looked like a hot mess…. the officer then gave me a SECOND ticket because of my illegal GT Alumni Frame.  UGH  >>>> This was THE WORST.  Guess that was my own fault and I should have learned from last time.  Oops! 🙁

I wish this were the case…


What have been your Peaches and Pits of the month?  

Feel free to vent or share your blessings below!  

‘Til next time….


    1. Mine actually blocked the county and the year sticker down at the bottom. I’ll post a pic later tonight so you can see what I mean 🙂 It just didn’t have the cutout in the bottom right corner. I’m not sure why they would sell it in my alumni store… but oh well!

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