Top 5 Gym Essentials

allison-cawley-customized-zazzle-review-3Customized Athleisure My Way:

It’s awesome to find a great piece of clothing that not only makes you feel great, but also showcases your personality or style.  And going to the gym should be no different.  So I was excited to learn that Zazzle, which is known for customizing all sorts of products, also has a really wide range of wonderful custom athleisure wear and gym gear that you can design on your own.  I created three designs for products that are part of my regular top five gym essentials list and I’ve been really enjoying my personalized designs!

So what exactly are my top five gym essentials?

Top 5 Gym Essentials:

  1. A great ball cap hat.
  2. Lightweight & supportive sneakers.
  3. Stylish yet comfy athleisure.
  4. Cooler & water bottle.
  5. Great Music …right T Swift? #Jumpman 😉


 How cute is this darling little Peachfully Chic logo’d custom cooler to keep my drinks cold during workouts AND this custom little brunch sweatshirt!?!  



If you couldn’t tell from half of Peachfully Chic’s Instagram photos, I’m also a HUGE fan of hats.  In particularly I love having a great baseball cap to either wear when I’m working out, or to throw on after a workout so I can run a few errands & keep my hair out of my face.  So I was excited to create a basic staple black ball cap with my initials on it.


With great gym gear like this, I’ll not just feel good about working out, I’ll also feel good about sporting custom athleisure that truly represents my style and personality.  So what would you add to your custom designs?


You can go ahead and create your own Zazzle product designs beyond just gym gear and into a ton of other products or you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  1. That sweatshirt is awesome – I need it for my morning workouts when it’s brisk outside and I head straight to brunch afterwards!

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