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If you recall from my date night dress, I love working with the online boutique Cypress & 5th for beautiful little dresses that fit perfectly with my style.  While my tastes have grown to be a bit more sophisticated over the years, I love finding great deals on lovely items to enhance my wardrobe.  This lace shift dress from Cypress & 5th not only fits perfectly, but it’s a great transitional dress from day to night.  Before heading to a dinner date with girlfriends the other day, I ran few errands around the corner at my favorite little retail center, Vinings Jubilee.  After I wrapped a little shopping, I decided to take a break for some green tea at the most adorable local bookstore called Read Shop.










Read Shop serves up delicious coffee and teas in the most quaint little bookstore you could imagine.  They carry a small but mighty collection of popular books covering everything from best sellers, photography, design, cooking, and even some children’s collections too.

Read Shop is the type of place you want to grab a good book off the shelf and curl up in one of their leather chairs as you read the afternoon away.  The kind of place you can meet friends to catch up over coffee at their bistro chairs.  Or the kind of place where you can perch up at their high counter and bang out a little blogging 😉

You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book. – Dr. Seuss

I’m the first to admit I don’t read nearly as many books as I used to.  I guess it’s a little easier for me to throw on a TV show in the background as I multitask on blogging or the other million things to do each night.  I’ve really struggled to make myself sit down and dedicate time to just read a good book.  Now that I’ve found Read Shop though, I think it has sparked my curiosity again.  There’s nothing that can compare to the knowledge and the experience reading a book provides.  Couple that with the cultural experiences you get from some travel and you’ll be a force to be reckoned with 😉

As I keep you posted on my journey to rediscover my love of reading, I hope that you remember to stay stylish and clever!   And always take advantage of the opportunity to learn something new…



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