Sailing in the U.S. Virgin Islands (Video)

Last year, the hubby and I took our first week-long sailing trip to the United States and the British Virgin Islands.  You might remember because I shared a packing list with you here.  We flew down to St. Thomas and had a truly incredible vacation soaking up the sun and salty air as we sailed from island to island.  Unfortunately, though, my laptop was stolen last year and I lost most of the photos that I took during the trip so I don’t have a ton to share with you.  What photos and videos I did have backed up, got put into a video recap that I wanted to share with you.  I broke it into two videos, one for the U.S. Virgin Islands and another for the British Virgin Islands.  This is the video recap of our sail around the U.S. Virgin Island featuring our Mason 44 sailing around St. Thomas and St. John.  It’s short and sweet but I hope you enjoy!







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