Anthropologie Outlet Store: Final Cut


**** UPDATE 3/26/15 ******

Final Cut has officially found a new home in Augusta!  Here’s the scoop: There’s no official open date just yet, but it looks like the new location could be open as early as the first week in April (just in time for all the out-of-towners visiting for the Masters!).  

The new location is only a few miles away from the previous Final Cut location that I originally reviewed below. Being from Augusta, I recognize the new place as the old Weinberger’s Furniture spot just off of Washington Road and Fury’s Ferry Road (formerly Village West Shopping Center).  Final Cut will actually be leasing space from the Goodwill Industries of Middle Georgia & the CSRA and the new address is going to be at 3145 Washington Rd, Augusta, GA 30907  — which is on the Helms College campus (a diploma & associates degree culinary education institute created by Goodwill Middle GA & CSRA).  You can track more updates about Final Cut on their Facebook page here.  Happy Shopping Folks! 😉

**** UPDATE 2/22/15 ******

Final Cut will be closing it’s doors on Saturday, 2/28 because it’s lease will be up at it’s current location.  It is currently searching for a new location in Augusta, but it is uncertain if/when the store will reopen.  If you are in the area, make sure you stop by before Saturday as they are having HUGE 50% sales on everything in the store!


Shopping Spree Anyone?

Remember when I shared my sister’s Nautical Baby Shower in Augusta, GA and told you to expect a full recap of the Anthropologie Outlet Store: Final Cut?  Well here it is!  While you can find a ton of photos on Final Cut’s facebook page, I wanted to make sure I shared the slew of pics I grabbed while perusing the endless racks of clothing & furniture from Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Free People and BHLDN.

Final Cut is positioned between a Lowe’s and the Urban Outfitters call center in a strip mall just off of Bobby Jones Expressway in Augusta.  While you would never know from driving by the outside of the Final Cut store (it’s kind of a dump w/out a permanent sign out front), you’ll find everything from clothing of all sorts, bedding, hats, scarves, couches, lamps, side tables, curtains, and lots more!


To be honest, it was a little overwhelming considering I only allocated about 30 minutes to look through everything.  I completely underestimated this place.  While the store was sectioned into a somewhat organized fashion, there were too many boxes of random clothes and bedding to sort through if you’re in a hurry.


Although the scarves were only $5, you have to inspect them carefully because there were a few that had rips and holes in them.


After a point, the racks turn into boxes that you literally just have to dig through.  Think of it like a treasure hunt 😉


There were some really beautiful comforters and curtains… Great patterns, vibrant colors, beautiful designs!


That’s mom in the back row up above… Since she lives in Augusta, it’s a great excuse for me to come back and spend a little more time digging through this place.  Plus she makes a great shopping buddy!

Also, In case you didn’t pick up on it yet from the over abundance of photos, this is not going to be a Rooms-To-Go experience by shopping for furniture at Final Cut… but this is the place to find that unique piece of furniture that’s signature to Anthropologie & Urban Outfitters style… something with a little more flare!


There were tons of shoes for $25 each.  Kids were only $10, but they didn’t really have much for children. There were even some guys shoes too.  You could find some great wedding shoes from Something Bleu and other brands.

The thing I thought was a bit strange though, was that some of the shoes (in particular some of the boots) looked really ragged as if they had already been worn.

That wasn’t the case with all the shoes though, because I found some sweet new gray Vans that I wanted to pick up that were perfectly my size (the ones on the right in the pic below) – but cooler heads prevailed and I remembered we are in the middle of furnishing our new house… not my wardrobe 🙁  Guess that means I’m somewhat a little closer to becoming an adult!?!

final-cut-anthropologie-outlet-urban-outfitters-bdhln-shoes1final-cut-anthropologie-outlet-urban-outfitters-bdhln-shoes-8final-cut-anthropologie-outlet-urban-outfitters-bdhln-shoes-10final-cut-anthropologie-outlet-urban-outfitters-bdhln-shoes-7final-cut-anthropologie-outlet-urban-outfitters-bdhln-shoes-6final-cut-anthropologie-outlet-urban-outfitters-bdhln-shoes-4final-cut-anthropologie-outlet-urban-outfitters-bdhln-shoes-14And then this sweet deal was near the front…. Sandals for only $5.  You can’t beat that!

So for everyone out there who’s as much of a fan of Anthropologie as I am and happen to be in the southeast or making a trip down (maybe for the Masters), you might want to take a pit stop to Augusta to this indiscreet Anthropologie outlet store: Final Cut.

Just make sure you have allocate plenty of time to look through everything.  You’ll find some gems, but it might take some time to dig through some of the broken or damaged items, and there’s a lot to go through!


  1. Good afternoon!

    You might be interested to know that Final Cut has closed – but it will soon reopen. The company is leasing space from Goodwill Industries of Middle Georgia and the CSRA, on our Helms College Augusta Campus at 3145 Washington Road. Email me for details!

  2. PLEASE come to Texas…. lived in Atlanta for years and now Dallas… PLEASE come to Texas. To have this opportunity is worth flying to Augusta just for the bargains. I LOVE ANTHRO and you’ve benefited my girlls with their career success!

  3. Do you know if they ever have any wool felt Christmas ornaments ? They usually feature different themes every year . Usually sweet little animals made of wool felt . Would love any discounted ones !

    1. Hi Kate –
      I actually don’t know if they have wool or felt ornaments. I do know they carry a hodge-podge of various home accessories, and I believe I’ve seen some holiday pieces in there previously, but your best bet would be to give them a call and ask. Their associates are great at answering questions and helping out! Good luck on your search 🙂

  4. I love Antropologie and always getting advantage of the sales but I would love to see an Outlet Store like this one in Agusta, GA in Miami, Florida.

  5. Wow – I am planning a visit! Thanks for all the great information…. Question – is there a certain day of the week that things come in..sometimes that is the case…since I am coming from the west coast I would like to know…thanks for any information and happy shopping.

  6. Does anyone know how to ship/transport large items (couches, bed etc.) from Final Cut to other states? I’m buying a house and would love to buy some items from Final Cut but I don’t know how to transport everything by myself. Thank you

    1. I might suggest looking into renting a U-Haul. Unfortunately Final Cut won’t hold items for you last time I checked.

    1. I’ve seen them anywhere from $300-1500… depends on what you are looking for and the timing (if there is a sale or extra stock).

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