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peachfully-chic-our-wedding-video-allison-cawley-kevin-vaydaDrumroll Please….

I’m so excited to announce that we finally received our low country wedding video!

As I mentioned in the wedding vendor recap & photo sneak peek last year, the videographers we used were called Anchor Films.

It’s been 6 months since we celebrated our special day at the Creek Club at I’On, and while time has flown by for the most part, both Kevin and I were starting to wonder if we would ever get our video back!

We’ve been excitedly waiting to see the final footage shot at our wedding and we are happy to finally share the wedding trailer with you below from our wedding last August… You’ll even get to see a blooper if you watch closely!!! haha 😉

I hope you enjoyed watching it as much as Kevin and I enjoyed reliving our magical day!


And now that you’ve had a chance to see the feature film from our low country wedding, I wanted to share the details of what we actually invested for our videographers, Anchor Films, and our thoughts on the service and what to look for when searching for an event videographer.

The 2 Camera Package

  • Two videographers
  • Up to 6 hours of wedding day coverage
  • Full ceremony filming
  • A highlights Feature Film of the day set to music of your choice
  • Feature Film uploaded online to share easy with friends
  • 3 documentary edited DVDs with intros to music of your choice, DVD chapters for easy navigation and Feature Film

This 2 Camera Package starts around $1,800… and I have to say I thought we were getting a real steal when I found these guys.  It was a husband/wife duo who came out and they were so friendly and professional.  It really was a pleasure to have them at our wedding (you know it’s a gamble when you are selecting vendors for a destination wedding!).

Here’s my honest opinion on how the overall video turned out….

Now I’m not sure if this is in fact standard, but when I asked about turnaround time from Anchor Films, we were told that it’s 5-6 months average (especially for Charleston).  Unfortunately this is something that I neglected to ask in advance, and probably would have shopped around more or paid a bit more to have the video back sooner.   Has anyone else experienced a long delay in getting their wedding video back???

Although we waited for 6 months to receive our wedding footage, Kevin and I thought they did a great job on the wedding trailer.  But beyond that, I can’t say we were as impressed for the actual full length reception video.

In addition to this 8 minute trailer, we received a full length edited recap of both the ceremony and the reception.  The ceremony was about 20 minutes long and looked great.  It was very similar to the trailer, but had a few additional shots, different music, and featured the entire ceremony service.

But the reception video seemed more like they placed a couple of cameras on two tripods and left them for a while.  The reception video was shot extremely close up – we didn’t even have a full length shot of Kevin and I during our first dance.  And that theme goes for the father daughter dance too.  Since we had two cameras, it would have been nice if there were a little more variety.  We also had an entire outdoor entertaining area on the porch with corn-hole games, a photobooth, our marquee love letters, etc, that never even made it into the footage at all.

So overall, while the in-person experience at our wedding AND the wedding trailer get two thumbs up, both Kevin and I agree that the actual reception footage didn’t impress and made us a little sad that there wasn’t more.

I’m trying to stay positive though in that compared to most videographers in the low country, we really saved a ton of money (which helped since Kevin and I paid for our wedding on a very tight budget!).  And I’m thinking about asking if Anchor Films will share the raw footage with me as well.  I’m not sure if they’ll go for that, but I’ll let you know if I get anywhere with my request. Just remember the wise words that “you get what you pay for” when planning your own special day!


Other than sharing our very happy low country wedding trailer, I wanted to give you feedback on what to look for when you are seeking out your own event videographer.  And although I definitely have both positive and negative opinions on our particular experience, I highly recommend having a videographer capture your wedding or other event – it’s too much fun going back and reliving the moment not to!!!

If you are interested in seeing more from our wedding, you can take a look at photos from the pre-ceremony here, the ceremony here, and the reception here.  And don’t forget to check out the full list of vendors we used here, and a short photo montage that our fabulous wedding photographer, Lauren Jonas, put together here.

So thanks for stopping by and I remember I’ll be sharing more behind the scenes of all the DIY projects made for our wedding, so don’t forget to visit again soon!




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